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International Performances of Debanjan in 18 Countries - In Europe, North & Latin America, Middle East, Central & South Asia

Debanjan Bhattacharjee has represented Indian Classical Music in renowned International Music Festivals like South by South West - SXSW Festival (Texas, USA), biggest Latin American Music - Festival Internacional Cervantino (Mexico), Weltnacht Festival (Germany), Music vid Siljan (Sweden), Bingsjostamman (Sweden) and many more. Debanjan has represented India as a young cultural diplomat, sent by the Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India. Debanjan has also been invited by the US Dept. of State, Govt. of Sweden, Turkey, Bahrain, Qatar.

The countrywise details of his solo performances are given below :

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA at four locations - New Orleans, Austin, Orlando, New Smyrna Beach : Invited by U.S. Department of State to participate in the renowned South by South West Festival (Texas) & also Dosti project featuring renowned artists of world music.

GERMANY at eleven locations - Munich, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Darmstadt, Bielefeld, Leubeck, Karlsruhe, Ueberlingen, Heershing, Fischerbach, Haslach : Performed at prestigious Weltnacht Festival and other Deutsche- Indian organizations for many years.

MEXICO at six locations - Guadalajara, Guanajuato, Lyon, Monclova, Durango, Torreon : Invited to perform as an Indian Govt. Cultural Delegate by the most famous Latin American Festival - Cervantino in collaboration with ICCR, Govt. of India.

CANADA at three locations - Toronto, Winnipeg, Sudbury : Invited to perform as an Indian Govt. Cultural Delegate by the Indian High Commission, Canada in assc. with ICCR, Govt. of India.

SWEDEN at four locations - Stockholm, Rättviksparken, Bingsjö & Skansen : Invited by Riksconserter, Govt. of Sweden to participate in renowned music festivals Music vid Siljan, Bingsjöstämman & Sollidenskanen. Debanjan was also featured in a documentary by the Swedish National TV.

BAHRAIN at United Nations (UN) Congress, Manama City : Invited by Govt. of Bahrain to perform at the UN Public Service Forum at Manama. The occasion was graced by the then hon’ble UN Secretary - General Ban-ki-Moon and also His Excellency, The King of Bahrain.

FRANCE at Wittisheim (Alsace region) : Performed at prestigious French organizations.

BELGIUM at two locations – Brussels & Bever : Invited to perform at prestigious Belgian - Indian organizations.

DENMARK at three locations – Copenhagen, Aalborg, Norre Snede : Invited to perform at Danish- Indian music festivals.

TURKEY at Cemal Resit Rey Auditorium, Istanbul : Invited by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Govt. of Turkey to perform in a historic collaboration of the Sarod and traditional Tar of Azerbaijan played by the renowned Tar player Nevcivan Ozel.

QATAR at Museum Of Islamic Arts, Doha : Invited by Govt. of Qatar to perform in 2011 in an international project on Traditional Islamic Instruments under renowned French composer Hughes De Courson. The occasion was graced by His Excellency, The Emir of Qatar.

SINGAPORE at Tagore Society, Singapore City : Invited to perform a Sarod solo recital at Tagore Society.

KUWAIT at Kalanjali, Kuwait City : Invited to perform a Sarod solo recital at Kalanjali.

BANGLADESH at two locations - Gulshan Club and the Convention Centre, Dhaka : Both the performances were graced by the presence of distinguished guests including the Hon'ble Former President of Bangladesh.

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