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Debanjan teaches in the ONLINE Mode (India and abroad) with an online teaching experience of 14 years.
For each student, the classes shall be individual (one-to-one), personalised, interactive and customised and thus have individual attention.
Each class shall be of 60 - 70 mins duration approx.
For compositions in each Raga, scanned copy will be provided (pdf).
In addition, Audio (mp3) played by Debanjan, may also be provided as reference for each lesson.
Students with no prior musical knowledge, willing to learn music from beginning or as continuation, are all welcome.
Debanjan firmly believes that even a difficult instrument like Sarod can also be learnt online from the very beginning, with success.
Learning online has various advantages with respect to timings, with no need to travel and also learning in home comfort.
To learn online, students require basic mobile / smartphones with Whatsapp / Zoom / Skype video app installed in it.
Classes shall be monthly, with minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 classes per month.
Each class date & time shall be fixed, based on mutual convenience.
Students are classified into 3 Categories - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
Debanjan teaches original and traditional compositions of Maihar Seniya Gharana and alo teaches innovation in order to develop individuality.
Besides conventional classical music, Debanjan also teaches his brainchild - the "Dhrupad Sarod", a style to be played with Pakhawaj only.
Besides basics, Debanjan teaches Rare Raags, Rare and Fractional Taals.
And YES, Debanjan also teaches Instrumental Rabindrasangeet / Tagore Songs on Sarod, in addition to authentic North Indian Classical Music.
For the online monthly session, the monthly fee needs to be kindly provided in advance, through bank transfer (NEFT / IMPS / Google Pay).
Students willing to learn, may drop an email to : sarodbydebanjan@gmail.com and mention the following in the email : 1. Name, 2. Age, 3. City, 4. Whether they already have a Sarod , and 5. contact number.

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